Collect your Boba

Feeling thirsty? Come pick up these lost Boba Teas amongst the seas. We wonder what unique Boba Tea you will pick up.

Boba sale ended!

Minted: 1333/1333

Unique Bobas found: 10/10

Price: Boba @ 0.02ETH

The Boba varities!

Each Boba is unlike the other, grab yours and come hang out with the Boba Team!

1333 unique Bobas exist and each one costs 0.02 ETH

Bobas taking over ⚔️

Curious to see what your avatar will look like drinking boba? Grab yourself a boba and share it with your avatar!

  • Colab Shiba

    BoboShiba #81

    BobaSea #163

  • Colab Coolcat

    CoolCat #8373

    BobaSea #71

  • Colab Wizard

    TheWizardsFestival #95

    BobaSea #66

Milestones 🎉

Available goodies at each step!

25% Sold

  • 5 Boba Giveaways!

50% Sold

  • 5 Boba Giveaways!
  • 10% donation of minting profits
  • 50% donation of all proceeds from Opensea's royalty fees will be donated during the first month

** Donations will go to the community voted charity of choice

75% Sold

  • 5 Boba Giveaways!
  • Partnership with a undisclosed BBT franchise

100% Sold

  • 5 Boba Giveaways!
  • Special airdrop for all Boba holders!

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team on Discord!

What is Boba?
Boba tea is a drink that consists of milk and tea, accompanied by chewy tapioca balls. It originated from Taiwan and has now gained popularity around the world!
How many NFTs will be available to mint?
  • There will be a total of 1333 NFTs allocated.
  • 1210 will be available for sale on our website
  • 123 will be kept for airdrops / dev team
How do I mint BobaSea's NFTs?
Install metamask on your browser or device and have enough ETH in your wallet that will cover the cost of minting. You can download the wallet here.
How much does it cost to mint?
It cost 0.02ETH plus the current gas fee. You can refer to ETH gas fees here.
How many NFTs can I mint in one transaction?
To save you gas - you can mint a maximum of 15 Boba NFTs per transacation.
How do I contact the BobaSea's team?
Feel free to drop us a message in the support-feedback in our discord server.